5SNA-2400E170100 ABB IGBT


  • Model: 5SNA-2400E170100
  • 276 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ABB

Description of 5SNA-2400E170100

Key Parameters

Maximum rated values:


Symbol Conditionsmin
 Collector-emitter voltageVCES VGE = 0 V, Tvj ≥ 25 °C  1700 V
 DC collector current IC Tc =  80 °C  2400 A
 Peak collector current


 tp =  1ms, Tc = 80 °C  4800 A

 Gate-emitter voltage


  -20 20 V
 Total power dissipation Ptot Tc = 25 °C, per switch (IGBT)  14300 W
 DC forward current


   2400 A
 Peak forward current


   4800 A
 Surge current IFSM

 VR = 0 V, Tvj = 125 °C

 tp = 10ms, half-sinewave

  20000 A
 IGBT short circuit SOA tpsc

 VCC =  1200 V, VCEM CHIP ≤ 1700 V

 VGE 15 V, Tvj ≤ 125 °C

  10 μs
 Isolation voltage VisolVisol
 1 min, f = 50 Hz  4000 V
 Junction temperature Tvj   150 °C
 Junction operating temperature Tvj(op)   125 °C
 Case temperature


   125 °C
 Storage temperature Tstg   125 °C
Mounting torques 2)
 Ms Base-heatsink, M6 screws  6 Nm 
 Mt1 Main terminals, M8 screws  10
 Mt2 Auxiliary terminals, M4 screws  3

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