MBN3600E17E Hitachi IGBT


  • Model: MBN3600E17E
  • 369 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Hitachi

Description of MBN3600E17E

Key Parameters




   Rated Value       Unit   
Collector-Emitter VoltageVCES1200V
Gate - Emitter VoltageVGES+/- 20V
Collector Current DCIC100A
 1 msICP200
Collector Power DissipationPC600W
Junction Temperature RangeTj-40 to +150°C
Storage Temperature RangeTstg-40 to +125°C
Isolation Voltage (Terminal to Base AC, 1 min.)VISO2500(RMS)
Mounting Torque Module Base to HeatsinkFtor PDMB100BS12  3 (30.6) PDMB100BS12C 


N•m (kgf•cm) 
 Bus Bar to Main Terminals

 2 (20.4)


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