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  • Model: MIG20J503H
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  • Manufactured by: Toshiba

Description of MIG20J503H


MIG20J503H is an intelligent power module for three-phase inverter system. The 4th generation low saturation voltage trench gate IGBT and FRD are connected to a three-phase full bridge type, and IC by the original high-voltage SOI (silicon-on-insulator) process drives these directly in response to a PWM signal. Moreover, since high-voltage level-shifter is built in high-voltage IC, while being able to perform a direct drive without the interface with which the upper arm IGBT is insulated, the drive power supply of an upper arm can be driven with a bootstrap system, and the simplification of a system is possible. Furthermore, each lower arm emitter terminal has been independent so that detection can perform current detection at the time of vector control by current detection resistance of a lower arm. The protection function builds in Under Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Over Temperature Protection. Original high thermal conduction resin is adopted as a package, and low heat resistance is realized.


  • The 4th generation trench gate thin wafer NPT IGBT is adopted.
  • FRD is built in.
  • The level shift circuit by high-voltage IC is built in.
  • The simplification of a high side driver power supply is possible by the bootstrap system.
  • Short circuit protection, over temperature protection, and the power supply under voltage protection function are built in.
  • Short circuit protection and over temperature protection state are outputted.
  • The lower arm emitter terminal has been independent by each phase for the purpose of the current detection at the time of vector control.
  • Low thermal resistance by adoption of original high thermal conduction resin.

Since this product is MOS structure, it should be careful of static electricity in the case of handling.

Absolute Maximum Rating (Tj = 25°C)

Power supply voltageVBB450V
VBB (surge)500
Collector-emitter voltageVCES600V
Each collector current (DC)IC±20A
Each collector current (PEAK)ICP±40A
Input voltageVIN5.5V
Fault output supply voltageVFO20V
Fault output currentIFO15mA
PGND-SGND voltage differenceVPGND-SGND±5V
Output voltage rate of changedv/dt20kV/µs
Collector power dissipation
(per 1 IGBT chip) (Tc = 25°C)
Collector power dissipation
(per 1 FRD chip) (Tc = 25°C)
Operating temperatureTOPE-20 to 100°C
Junction temperature (Note 1)Tj150°C
Storage temperatureTstg-40 to 125°C
Isolation voltage
(60 Hz sinusoidal, AC)
VISO2500 (1 min)Vrms
Screw torque (M3)-0.5Nm

Note 1: Although a junction temperature is 150°C the own maximum moment of a power chips which it builds in this module, the average operation junction temperature for carrying out safe operation specifies it as 125°C or less.

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