MIG50J201HC Toshiba IGBT


  • Model: MIG50J201HC
  • 317 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Toshiba

Description of MIG50J201HC


  • Integrates inverter, brake power circuits & control circuits (IGBT drive units, protection units for over-current, under-voltage & over-temperature) in one package.
  • The electrodes are isolated from case. 
  • High speed type IGBT : VCE (sat) = 2.8 V (Max.) toff = 3.0 µs (Max.) trr = 0.30 µs (Max.)  
  • Outline : TOSHIBA 2-110A1A 
  • Weight : 520 g

KEY PARAMETERS Maximum Ratings (Tj = 25°C)

StageCharacteristic ConditionSymbolRatingsUnit 
InverterSupply voltage P-N power terminal VCC 450V
Collector-emitter voltage -VCES 600V
Collector current Tc = 25°C, DC I50A
Forward current Tc = 25°C, DC IF50A
Collector power dissipation Tc = 25°C P150W
Junction temperature -T150°C
BrakeSupply voltage P-N power terminal VCC 
Collector-emitter voltage -  VCES600V
Collector current Tc = 25°C, DC IC 30A
Reverse voltage -VR 600V
Forward current Tc = 25°C, DC I30A
Collector power dissipation Tc = 25°PC 80W
Junction temperature-T150V
Control Control supply voltageVD-GND terminal VD20V
 Input voltage IN-GND terminal VVIN 20V
 Fault output voltage FO-GND (L) terminal VFO20V
 Fault output current FO sink current IFO14mA 
Module Operating temperature -TC
 Storage temperature range-Tstg -40~+125°
 Isolation voltage AC 1 minute VISO2500V
 Screw torque M5

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