QCA150AA100 SanRex IGBT


  • Model: QCA150AA100
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  • Manufactured by: SanRex

Description of QCA150AA100


QCA150AA100 is a dual Darlington power transistor module which has seriesconnected high speed, high power Darlington transistors. Each transistor has a reverse paralleled fast recovery diode. The mounting base of the module is electrically isolated from semiconductor elements for simple heatsink construction

KEY PARAMETERS Maximum Ratings (Tj=25oC)

VCBOCollector-Base Voltage 1000V
VCEXCollector-Emitter VoltageVBE=-2V1000V
VEBOEmitter-Base Voltage 7V
ICCollector Current 150A
-ICReverse Collector Current 150A
IBBase Current 8A
PTTotal power dissipationTC=25oC1000W
TjJunction Temperature -40~+150oC
TstgStorage Temperature -40~+125oC
VISOIsolation VoltageA.C.1minute2500V
Mounting (M6)Recommended Value 2.5~3.9 (25~40)4.7 (48)N.m
 Terminal (M6)Recommended Value 2.5~3.9 (25~40)4.7 (48)
 MassTypical Value540g

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