SMCT6G20-60-1 Sensitron IGBT


  • Model: SMCT6G20-60-1
  • 363 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Sensitron

Description of SMCT6G20-60-1


SMCT6G20-60 is a completely self-contained 4-quadrant motor controller that converts an analog input command signal into a motor current. The motor current is internally sensed, processed, and used as an output for the closed current loop feedback control. Error amplified input  and output are available for closed loop compensation. Proportional or proportion/integral (PI) compensation can be implemented to optimize motor and system performance. SMCT6G20-60 is best used as a four-quadrant torque controller for controlling servo systems.   The SMCT6G20-60 is a fully integrated three-phase brushless DC motor control module housed in a 43 Pin power flatpack. Many integral control features provide user flexibility in adapting the SMCT6G20-60 to specific system requirements. Current control or closed loop speed control can be easily implemented.  The small size of this complete motor control module makes it ideal for commercial aerospace and military applications. 


  • True Four Quadrant Complementary Switching. 
  • Fully integrated 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control Subsystem includes power stage, non-isolated driver stage, and controller stage 
  • 20A peak Phase Current with 300V Maximum Bus Voltage
  • Internal Precision Current Sense Resistor 
  • Cycle by cycle current limiting. 
  • Fixed frequency PWM. 
  • Closed-loop SERVO Control of Motor, Current Loop Closed Internally 
  • Direction and motor current are controlled through command polarity and value.
  • Tacho output with frequency proportional to speed 
  • Enable/Disable input  
  • Direction Output
  • Adjustable Current Limit 
  • On board -11.5V supply 
  • On board +5V supply
  • Hermetic or non-hermetic packaging available (3.10" x 2.10" x 0.385")


  • Servo positioning systems 
  • Actuation systems
  • Hoists 


Maximum Peak DC Bus Supply Voltage600 V
Maximum Operating DC Bus Supply Voltage350 V
RMS Output Current15A
Peak Output Current20A
+15V Supply Voltage+15.5 V
-11.5V Output Load Current30mA
+5V Output Load Current30mA
Logic Input Voltage-0.3 V to +5.5 V
Error Amplifier Input (EA1-)+/- 10 V
Error Amplifier Output Current±8 mA
Spare Amplifier Input Voltage (EA2+/EA2-)+/- 10 V
Spare Amplifier Output Current±8 mA
Operating & Storage Junction Temperature-55oC to +150oC
IGBT Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance RthjC
Diode Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance RthjC
1.0 oC/W
1.7 oC/W


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