6RI30G-120 Fuji IGBT


  • Model: 6RI30G-120
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  • Manufactured by: Fuji

Description of 6RI30G-120

Key Parameters Absolute Maximum Ratings, Tj = 25 °C Unless Otherwise Specified

VCESCollector-emitter voltageG-E Short1200V
VGESGate-emitter voltageC-E Short±20V
ICCollector currentTC = 25°C200A
ICMPulse                                                (Note 2)400
IE     (Note 1)Emitter currentTC = 25°C200A
IEM  (Note 1)Pulse                                                (Note 2)400
PC    (Note 3)Maximum collector dissipationTC = 25°C830W
TjJunction temperature –40 ~ +150°C
TstgStorage temperature –40 ~ +125°C
VisoIsolation voltageTerminals to base plate, f = 60Hz, AC 1 minute2500Vrms
Torque strengthMain terminals M5 screw3.5 ~ 4.5N • m
Mounting M5 screw3.5 ~ 4.5N • m
WeightTypical value400g

1. IE, VEC, trr, Qrr & die/dt represent characteristics of the anti-parallel, emitter-collector free-wheel diode (FWDi).

2. Pulse width and repetition rate should be such that the device junction temperature (Tj) does not exceed Tjmax rating.

3. Junction temperature (Tj) should not increase beyond 150°C.

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