MG400Q1US41 Powerex IGBT


  • Model: MG400Q1US41
  • 154 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Powerex

Description of MG400Q1US41

Item Number: MG400Q1US41
Manufacturer: Powerex
Item Category: Transistors
Subcategory: IGBTs
Type: Single
Vces: 1,200 Volts DC
Ic: 400 Amps
Circuit Type: Single IGBT
Vges +/-: +/- 20
Ices Max: 4 MilliAmps
Iges Max: 40 MicroAmps
Vce(sat) Max: 4 Volts
Height (mm): 106
Width (mm): 108
Depth (mm): 62
Net Weight: 1 lb

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