SCP-4167 Sensitron IGBT


  • Model: SCP-4167
  • 349 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Sensitron

Description of SCP-4167


Three-Phase MOSFET/IGBT Bridge Driver 

KEY PARAMETER Absolute Maximum Rating 

Absolute Maximum Rating indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.  All voltage parameters are absolute voltages referenced to COM.  The thermal resistance is specified under board mounted and still air conditions. 

High Side Floating Supply VoltageVB1,2,3-0.3-625V
High Side Floating Supply VoltageVS1,2,3VB1,2,3 - 25-VB1,2,3 +0.3V
Supply VoltageVCC-0.3-25V
Logic GroundVSS-0.3-VCC + 0.3V

Logic Input Voltage (HIN,


VINVSS - 0.3-VCC +0.3V
Op-Amp Input VoltageVIN-AmpVSS -0.3-VCC + 0.3V
FAULT Output VoltageVFLTVSS - 0.3-VCC + 0.3V
Thermal ResistanceRthjA -80oC/W
Junction TemperatureTj-55-150oC
Lead Soldering Temperature, 10 secTL--250oC

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