SIGC03T60SNC Infineon IGBT


  • Model: SIGC03T60SNC
  • 444 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Infineon

Description of SIGC03T60SNC


FRG25BA60 is a high speed isolated diode module designed for high power switching application. FRG25BA60 is suitable for high frequency application requiring low loss and high speed control.

Key Parameters Maximum Ratings (Tj = 25°C)

VRRMRepetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 600V
VR(DC)D.C. Reverse Voltage 480V
IFForward CurrentD.C. Tc=94°C25A
IFSMSurge Forward Current½ cycle, 60Hz, peak value, non-repetitive420A
I2tI2tValue for One cycle of surge curent840A2S
TjOperating Junction Temperature −40 ~ +150°C
TstgStorage Temperature −40 ~ +125°C
VISOIsolation Breakdown Voltage (R.M.S.)A.C. 1minute2500V
 Mounting Torque (Mounting M4)Recommended Value 1.0~1.4 (10~14)1.5 (15)Nm
 MassTypical Value23g

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